$425.00 for 90 minutes

$75.00 for each additional half hour

Your package includes:

  • Our climate-controlled Mobile Video Game Truck at your party location.
  • Use of all our gaming consoles allowing up to 20 gamers to game at once or separate games wirelessly.
  • The game trailer can hold 20 kids. **The amount of players will change to follow COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Our full library of video games to play!
  • A trained professional Game Coach to keep your party on track.

Our Game Trailer is spacious luxury infused with the most amazing electronics available…Surround Sound, Four large and One HUGE High-Definition LED TV’s displaying the latest and greatest in video game titles…we feature the best in video game consoles including the hard-to-get PS5, and Nintendo Switch!

Our Mobile Game Truck arrives at your party destination with a trained professional Game Coach. The Game Coach keeps all your guests comfortable, informed and entertained. Fully knowledgeable in all areas of both gaming and the Game Theater. Our Game Truck can hold 16-20 kids, and 20 can play at the same time. The amount of guests will change to follow CDC guidelines. As a result you can still have as many guests as you would like, we will just rotate them to follow the guidelines.

Great for: Birthday Parties, School Functions, Church Out-reach, Non-profit Events, Corporate Team Building, Reunions, Large/ small party events, Tailgate and Sporting Events, Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties…..Or to keep the kids entertained at Weddings or other formal gatherings **Great for both girls and boys of ALL ages**

Online Gaming Available!
Our gaming trailer can play ONLINE!!! We provide a 300ft cord that can connect to your router. Plan your next event with us and let your guests enjoy online gaming like never before!

Some of our game selections
1 Gang Beasts
2 Power Rangers
3 Minecraft
4 Five nights at Freddy’s security breach
5 Cars
6 Wreckfest
7 NHL 2021
8 Madden 2022
9 Marvel avengers
10 God of war, Ragnarok
11 Ark
12 The show 2023
13 2k 2021
14 Super Man
15 Star Wars
16 FIFA 2023
17 Call Duty Infinte Warfare
18 NBA 2k 23
19 Call Duty Morden WareFare

Switch games

1 Pokémon
2 super Mario maker two
3 Pokémon sore
4 Star Wars pinball machine
6 Kart Racers
7 Lego worlds
8 super smash Bros
9 Lego DC super Villans

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Game Trailer
Game Trailer
Game Trailer

Ready to make your next event really BOUNCE?

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